As a member of Theatre Guild, you have certain responsibilities toward the organization and your fellow members. The following is a list of the expectations for all PTG members.


Theatre Guild is an organization sponsored by the Ann Arbor Public School district, and must comply with ALL district rules. These are a few specific rules, all consistent with those determined by the Ann Arbor Public Schools:

  • You must be academically eligible to participate in TG. (Cumulative GPA of 2.0 and passing at least 5 classes-per MHSAA rules)
  • No illegal substances. Anyone found using these during Theatre Guild activities will be expelled immediately from TG and reported to administration.
  • Federal and State Law prohibits any possession of alcohol or tobacco by a minor. There is no smoking allowed by anyone on public school property.
  • Physical violence is strictly prohibited.
  • Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited.
  • Destruction of school or any personal property is strictly prohibited.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated in any form.


Theatre Guild is a collaborative intensive organization. Every member that participates is important to the productions. Once you have signed up for a crew or auditioned for a part, you are accepting the responsibility of that role and others are depending on you to uphold that responsibility.  Please read the schedule and requirements for each role before you accept it.

If there are any issues within your participation on a show, you must speak directly with your immediate supervisor first. If the matter is not resolved, you must then speak to one of the sponsors of the program.  If you feel the matter is still not resolved to your satisfaction, please let your supervisor and Mysti, Quinn or Alex know. At that point, you may contact the building principal who oversees the after school activities. This process is in accordance with Ann Arbor Public Schools policies.


Theatre Guild forms are due before you begin participating in any capacity within TG. These are found online on the Booster Club site (click here!) and must be signed by a parent/guardian and student.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

Parents/Guardians need to come to the Mandatory Parent Meeting at the beginning of each show’s process. The times/dates for these will be announced after auditions.

Parents are required to sign up for two volunteer shifts/show. They are also required to send food in on two separate occasions during the show. Sign-up sheets are on the Booster Club website.


Dues for participation vary by show and are due by the first parent meeting for that show. Partial and full Scholarships are available – just let the Booster Club membership person know at the mandatory parent meeting at the beginning of each show process.

Season Responsibilities:

  • Members are expected to come to weekly Monday Meetings (Mondays at 3:45 in the Little Theatre), where important announcements, voting, etc, take place.
  • Every member working on each production is expected to help with publicity by distributing posters, flyers, and yard signs.
  • Every member working on each production is expected to help with strike (the dismantling of the show) after the show closes until it is completed.
  • Every member of Theatre Guild is also expected to help with End-Of-The-Year Strike, which takes place at the conclusion of the season in the spring.


  • All members are expected to protect their own safety and that of their fellow members. Please be careful!
  • All members should attempt to maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Be supportive and kind to all other members.
  • If another member’s actions make you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, please speak to your supervisor about it.
  • Theatre Guild is an organization with a reputation for extreme professionalism. Please uphold our reputation by taking theatre seriously. Feel free to socialize and have fun while working, but do not be a distraction or an obstruction to other members.
  • Members of the production staff can and will ask you to leave the work area if you are being disruptive or unproductive. If you are asked more than 3 times to leave for disruptive or unsafe behavior, you will be removed from the production.
  • The behavior and attitude will be considered in the selection of crewheads, student directors, and traveling crews.

The Space:

  • Theatre Guild uses school district property. Please respect the space. Even though Theatre Guild uses the theatre area most frequently, we are not the only organization that uses it, and it does not belong to us.
  • Clean up after yourself. The stage, auditorium, and shops must be clean at the end of every workday.
  • Be careful when using materials that are not yours.
  • Anyone who breaks materials belonging to Theatre Guild or to the school district through negligence or willful destruction will be asked to replace them.


Please click on the following links for more information about anything below.

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