FutureStars Profile: Pioneer’s Dana Steiner Finds A Supportive Cast At Home

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This is the first in a series of features on artists performing this weekend at Pioneer Theatre Guild’s FutureStars 2019 which returns for its 17th year at Pioneer High School’s Schreiber Auditorium.

Pioneer’s Dana Steiner doesn’t have to look far to find inspiration, advice and support when it comes to performing. The junior has her siblings always by her side and in her corner.

“My siblings, Shira, Oren and Ethan, are really important role models to me,” says Steiner who will be singing and dancing at this weekend’s FutureStars2019. “They teach me how to be supportive and always help me with dancing (Shira), acting (Oren) and singing (Ethan).”

Dana’s older siblings showed her the way to the stage at a very young age.

“My older siblings, Shira and Oren, were involved in theater and inspired me to sing, dance and act,” she says. “My first show was the musical ‘Oliver!’ in fourth grade, and I have been doing theatre ever since.”

Dana will be performing two tap dance routines – one is to the song “9 to 5” and the other is to the Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There.” She also is singing the Carly Simon song, “You’re So Vain.” She will be performing in both the 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. shows on Friday and the 7 p.m. show on Saturday.

“The songs are assigned by the directors who are musical theatre majors at the University of Michigan,” Dana says. “For the tap routines, only the song was assigned but I worked with my coach Alana, my friend Sydney, and my tap teacher Sara who all helped me to choreograph dances to the songs.”

She will be performing those three numbers by herself. There also is a company medley with the whole FutureStars cast in the Finals on Jan. 26.

Dana admits that the nerves jump through some hoops before she steps on stage but once there it’s all about delivering the goods.

“I am usually pretty nervous right before I get on stage but the energy from the FutureStars audience makes me feel confident, since everyone is so supportive and engaged in the show,” she says.

Dana, the daughter of Laura and Amnon Steiner, can also carry a tune in the classroom. She dances to a 3.97 grade-point average. She is in the Pioneer A Cappella Choir which recently sang Mozart’s Requiem with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.

“I am also in an a cappella group (think ‘Pitch Perfect’) called Soulfege,” she says.

While many of her peers have big dreams of Broadway or Hollywood or even the Blind Pig, Dana is focused on the here and now.

“Honestly at this point, my main goal is to get through finals next week and the rest of junior year,” she says. “After that, we’ll see.”

Dana hopes to study musical theatre or something relating to music, theater and dance in college.

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by Terry Jacoby