Profile: Pioneer’s Carter Phillips Ready To Step Into The Spotlight

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Carter Phillips has been part of the Pioneer Theatre Guild’s lighting crew since his sophomore year, but this time around someone is going to be pointing the spotlight on him as he takes the stage during the PTG’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The senior will play Theseus, the Duke of Athens.

“The role is a lot of fun because I get to act all pompous and in charge and it is something that’s new to me,” he said. “My favorite part is when I’m watching it and I notice a new subtlety that I didn’t notice before. There’s little jokes peppered in everywhere and it’s a lot of fun catching those.”

Carter says he enjoyed being a part of the lighting crew for previous productions.

“I was good at it too,” he says. “I was the lighting designer for FutureStars 2019 so I put together the looks and effects for the songs in that. I’m pretty new to this whole acting thing.”

But even though it’s something new, Carter is enjoying a different kind of challenge with the Pioneer Theatre Guild.

“It’s a blast,” he says of being a part of the PTG. “It provides a great group of people with which to surround myself. It’s a lot of fun and if I didn’t join PTG I probably wouldn’t have had any exposure to theatre.”

As much as he enjoyed his time with PTG, this will more than likely be the end of his theatre career. “I’m not planning on continuing in theatre after high school so I just want to make sure I do the best I can before I’m done,” he said. “Being my senior year, I want to push myself to be the best I can be.”

Carter, the son of Tom and Amy Phillips, also is in Drumline and Symphony Band. He plans on studying Physics or getting on the Pre-med track in college.

“I want to go to school in a big city because that’s where I feel most at home, but we’ll see what happens with that,” he said. “Other than that I want to continue to become a better musician. I’m a percussionist at Pioneer and I spend a lot of my free time playing the marimba. It’s therapeutic for me and a ton of fun.”

By Terry Jacoby