Meet the Cast & Crew of Peter and the Starcatcher: Pioneer’s Isabel Nuñez-Regueiro

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The Pioneer Theatre Guild presents the Tony-winning play, “Peter and the Starcatcher”, May 7-9. The play has been pre-recorded and edited, and is available to view via online stream.

Isabel Nuñez-Regueiro, daughter of Paloma and José Nuñez-Regueiro, is a sophomore at Pioneer High School. A member of the Pioneer choir, she also performed in Matilda and Futurestars and was a director for Play at Home.

Tell us about your character:
“I play Smee in this show. It was quite challenging to figure out how I wanted to play this character, as she is usually played by a male identifying role. Smee is very clumsy and often clueless, but I had so much fun getting to play her!”

What did you like about Peter and the Starcatcher?
“I had so much fun figuring out how to participate in a show entirely in my bedroom! It was definitely a learning experience, and I greatly valued the time we all shared while working on this project together.”

What were some of the challenges of the play?
“I’d say that the biggest challenges that came with zoom rehearsals were all the tech problems. From bad connection to computer glitches to not charging my devices, I think we all struggled with tech a bit, but it was so fun!”

How did you first become interested in theatre?
“I first became involved in theatre a little over a year ago, and instantly loved it. I plan to stay involved in theatre in the future and see where that takes me.”

What was the filming process like for the play?
“The filming process was often tiring but ultimately a lot of fun. For every filming day that I was called for, I would have to take about 10 minutes beforehand to set up my space (a stack of textbooks on a nightstand!), look over my lines, check my connection, and get my costumes and props ready, to ensure that I could (try my best to) navigate filming as smoothly as possible. I was very grateful that this cast was able to find a flow and a sort of a communal energy and connection throughout this process.”

By Terry Jacoby