PTG Profile: Pioneer Senior Alexis Evans Is Ready To Explore The Care-Free Side Of Ado Annie

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In the upcoming Pioneer Theatre Guild production of “Oklahoma,” Alexis Evans is playing Ado Annie, who Evans describes as a “fun-loving, care-free girl who just wants to enjoy her life in the moment.”

It’s a role Evans can relate to in some ways while she “explores” the care-free side of the character.

The Pioneer senior is clearly enjoying “her life in the moment.” She has a 4.0 GPA, participates in numerous clubs and groups at Pioneer HS, and is very excited about the upcoming production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s American classic play.

The PTG play will run from April 29-May 7 in Pioneer High School’s Schreiber Auditorium (601 W. Stadium Blvd,  Ann Arbor, MI 48103). Tickets are available here 

Evans is looking forward to playing Ado Annie.

“Though she does have a little anxiety as a result of some of the consequences of her fun-loving spirit, I admire her commitment to herself and her happiness, and the way she doesn’t care about what other people think is inspiring,” Evans said. “Some challenges with the part have been allowing myself to be as open, affectionate, and care-free as she is because that’s a part of me that I don’t explore as much.”

Evans first started exploring the theatre at a very young age.

“I was first put into theater camps in elementary school because my mother described me as a ‘dramatic child,’” she says. “I did a couple YMCA theater camps and then some YPT camps, and I always had so much fun making people laugh and telling stories on stage.”

She has been “officially” doing shows since 6th grade, including roles as Jesus in Godspell Jr., Louella Soames in Our Town, Mrs. Bumbrake in Peter and the Starcatcher, the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella’s Stepmother in Into the Woods, Jo March in You on the Moors Now, and now Ado Annie!

She says her work and time with the Pioneer Theatre Guild has been educational, fun and challenging – which is part of the fun.

“I love how professional our shows are because of the incredible people behind the scenes that allow us to do such intricate shows,” she says. “Every crew from sets to props to lights to paint do such a great job, and the actors are so committed to creating a great show. Being in a show like Oklahoma, it’s really fun seeing all the parts come together, but I also love when we can do big numbers with the whole cast because it feels like a real community of people having fun.”

She adds that their production of “Oklahoma” is about having fun.

“I think people should be excited to have fun,” she says. “Oklahoma is the original American comedy musical and we really want to allow the fun, light-hearted side to shine through. I think the audience will really get to know the characters and root for them throughout the show.”

Alexis, 17, is the daughter of Alicia Davis Pennington and Demetrius Evans. She is a member of Red Cross, Pioneer Orchestra Program, and PTG Comedy Troupe. She also is the PTG’s co-marketing manager this year. While she hasn’t decided on a college just yet, theatre will be a part of her schedule.

“I plan on studying computer science and psychology/neuroscience,” she says. “I will definitely be participating in theater at least in college. I plan on joining either shows, theater groups, or even comedy improv groups to continue my acting as a hobby.”

by Terry Jacoby